Oxy Outcomes: Young Alumni Panel - Shared screen with gallery view
Courtney Stricklin Burgan
Welcome everyone! We have several Admission Officers working behind the scenes during today’s presentation. Please use the Q&A feature if you have questions during the session. We will either share it with our alumni panelists to answer at the end or we will provide a quick answer ourselves. We may not have time to answer every question today so we encourage you to visit the admission website to earn more about each area of the Oxy experience: https://www.oxy.edu/admission-aid/visit-explore-campus/preview-occidental
Courtney Stricklin Burgan '03
You can find the list of upcoming Preview Occidental events (as well as the recording of tonight’s session) online at: https://www.oxy.edu/admission-aid/visit-explore-campus/preview-occidental/fall-2020-virtual-events.
Courtney Stricklin Burgan '03
Courtney Stricklin Burgan '03
You can also register for a student session or virtual office hours to ask any follow-up questions.https://admission.oxy.edu/portal/student-q&a-chatshttps://admission.oxy.edu/portal/office-hours
Courtney Stricklin Burgan '03
You can request an online interview at https://www.oxy.edu/admission-aid/apply/interviews