Discover Occidental: Junior Preview Day - Shared screen with gallery view
Julius DiLorenzo
Welcome everyone! We have several Admission Officers working behind the scenes during today’s presentation. Please use the Q&A feature if you have questions at anytime. If the question hasn’t already been addressed in the presentation, we will either share it with our presenters to answer at the end or we will provide a quick answer ourselves. We may not have time to answer everything today so we encourage you to stay in touch with us after the session if you have any additional questions.
Julius DiLorenzo
Additional information on the admission process is available here: https://www.oxy.edu/admission-aid/applyThe Financial Aid website is full of helpful information for prospective students and families: https://www.oxy.edu/financial-aid
Courtney Stricklin Burgan '03
If you are interested in varsity athletics at Oxy you can connect with our coaches by completing this form: https://www.oxyathletics.com/recruiting/Recruit_Home
Courtney Stricklin Burgan '03
As you think about the information you will share with Oxy in our supplemental questions, here are some resources to help you continue to get to know us.
Courtney Stricklin Burgan '03
Find details about each academic department here: https://www.oxy.edu/academics/areas-studyHere is the directory of Oxy clubs and organizations: https://oxy.presence.io/Students interested in varsity athletics should fill out a recruit questionnaire on our athletics website! https://oxyathletics.com/landing/indexLearn about the many different options for study abroad and international programs: https://www.oxy.edu/academics/global-engagementLearn about Career Services at Oxy here: https://www.oxy.edu/student-life/career-services
Courtney Stricklin Burgan '03
Thank you for joining us today!You will be able to find the recording of today’s session at: https://www.oxy.edu/admission-aid/visit-explore-campus/discover-occidental-junior-preview-dayWe invite you to view an Oxy tour at https://www.oxy.edu/admission-aid/visit-explore-campus and to learn more about the College at https://www.oxy.edu/admission-aid/preview-occidentalYou can register for weekly information sessions and student chats: https://www.oxy.edu/admission-aid/visit-explore-campusIf you have any questions you are welcome to reach out to your Admission Officer, our contact information is available at: https://www.oxy.edu/admission-aid/connect-us.