Occidental College | Campus Life: Pre-Health Opportunities - Shared screen with gallery view
Michelle Naito-Lo
Welcome! My name is Michelle and I’m the admission officer working behind the scenes during today’s presentation. Please use the Q&A feature if you have questions during the session. We may not have time to answer every question today but I’ll get to as many as I can.
Michelle Naito-Lo
This is the link that Julius referenced: https://www.oxy.edu/new-students/virtually-experience-occidental
Lexie Filkins (she/her)
Also go to a TV show filming! You can sign up for the lottery online :)
Jillian Kuo (she/her)
Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions - about prehealth/Oxy in general! kuoj@oxy.edu
Lexie Filkins (she/her)
I give you permission to skip homework tonight, you are already admitted! ;)