Oxy ❤ L.A. - Shared screen with gallery view
Charlie Leizear
Welcome everyone! We have several Admission Officers working behind the scenes during today’s presentation. Please use the Q&A feature if you have questions during the session. If the question hasn’t already been addressed in the presentation, we will either share it with our student panelists to answer at the end or we will provide a quick answer ourselves. We may not have time to answer every question today so we will also be using the chat box to provide you with website links.
Charlie Leizear
Thank you for joining us today! You can also register for a student session or virtual office hours to ask any follow-up questions.https://admission.oxy.edu/portal/student-q&a-chatshttps://admission.oxy.edu/portal/office-hoursAnd we invite you to view an Oxy tour at https://www.oxy.edu/admission-aid/visit-explore-campus and to learn more about the College at https://www.oxy.edu/admission-aid/preview-occidental