Pursuing Politics and Law: Student Opportunities in Faculty-Led Research - Shared screen with gallery view
Julius DiLorenzo
Hey everyone, we are so glad to have you joining us! Throughout the session, you are welcome to ask questions of our panelists in the chat box or through the Q&A Feature at the bottom of your screen.
Jennifer Piscopo
hi everyone, we apologize UEP stands for Urban and Environmental POlitics, which is a standalone department at Occidental but with many ties to the Politics department
Clara Keane
But if you are interested in Congress and the Electoral College, we have that too!
Clara Keane
“Comps” = senior capstone/research project required to graduate from the Politics department and many other departments at Oxy
Jennifer Piscopo
"Comps" is Oxy shorthand for the senior capstone. All students will complete a capstone in their major -- in Politics, it's an independent student research project! We'll talk a little more about that before we wrap up!
Thalia Gonzalez
Of our panelists. If you have friends who participated in CS, please raise your hand!
Clara Keane
I am not a Politics major or minor, but have been working with the Politics department since April!
Thalia Gonzalez
Thank you everyone!